Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Hit Parade: I Like Bubblegum

The Hit Parade turn back the hands of time with I Like Bubblegum to revisit pop’s golden age when I Get So Sentimental and My Favourite Girl ruled the airwaves. Cath Carroll’s even been taken out of The Hit Parade’s props cupboard to co-star in this teen-themed romance about lipstick, pop music and first kisses to ensure that they cement their position as London’s number one pop group.

Keen listeners might detect a hint of Suburbia by the Pet Shop Boys in the melody. Younger fans will no doubt validate the idea that the band instructed producer Ian Catt to use the latest recording techniques so I Like Bubblegum could sound how everyone really hoped the Pet Shop Boys’ Xenomania-produced album, Yes, would’ve sounded.

This 7” single is released on 13 September. Expect the walls of discotheques from Newquay to Newcastle to be throbbing to its charms all the way to Christmas.

I’ve got four stickers of the sleeve to give away. If you live in the UK, send me an email with your address and I’ll post you one; if you’re at either the Betsey Trotwood on Friday night or the Hangover Lounge on Sunday, I can hand the sticker over (and if you make doe-eyes at me, I’ll even let you listen to I Like Bubblegum on my ipod).


Wally said...

I hadn't heard about this yet and you are so right - they are London's #1 POP group. They should be Megastars.

richpassivity said...

Great news!
4 years since the last album is way too long.

David Lawrence said...

I had such high hopes for this single, especially when I know the Hit Parade can churn out some of the best pop music. Sounds flat and tired. The synth bass doesn't help either! Perhaps it'll grow on me, I want it to.