Thursday, July 22, 2010

Hacia Dos Veranos new album available free

Do you think Felt's singles canon peaks with The World Is As Soft As Lace/Mexican Bandits? Is your favourite West Coast Pop Art Experimental Band song Transparent Day? Did The Clientele hit a high with God Save The Clientele? Is The Notorious Byrd Brothers your most-played Byrds album? Do you find yourself, after all these years, still reaching for The Magical World of the Strands? Yes? Then you'll love the new Hacia Dos Veranos album.

Any fan of Felt/PopEx/The Clientele/Michael Head/The Byrds who has some spare enthusiasm for Arthur Lee's artistry and Astral Weeks' thrilling unpredictability will love this album.

It's available to download for free. Warners signed them on the strength of their 2007 debut but HDV got frustrated by the corporate delays so decided to give away the album. This eponymous successor is grander and richer and more ingenious. And it's free! Ain't life sweet sometimes.


Knut said...

What a lovely album! Thanks for posting about this one!

Fire Escape said...

I know! The whole world should download this. Did I mention it's free?