Monday, June 21, 2010


Dear Fire Escape Talking,
After having a look on Fire Escape Talking, and coming to the inevitable conclusion you are an individual of taste and discretion, it occured to me you might enjoy "Konny Huck", the new single from East London indie band Tigercats.

Love to you all, darlings,
Haircut Records

Dear Haircut Records,

I waited a week to “enjoy” Konny Huck, as I didn’t want the blanket media coverage of a song about a telly presenter getting engaged to another telly presenter to cloud my views. Now the dust has settled, it’s occurred to me that it sounds like two not very good songs played simultaneously by a school band.

They’ve let the school down, they’ve let their parents down and, more importantly, they’ve let themselves down. The song Stevie Nicks confirms that they’re not big, clever or funny.

Whitechapel Boys, however, is brilliant. Can they write more songs that draw on Hefner’s urban whine, the Modern Lovers’ dogged romanticism and Daniel Johnston’s mini anthems? Can they?

They’d be one of my favourite bands if that were the case.

Love to you, too, darling,

Fire Escape Talking

EDIT: Haircut Records have asked me to point out that Konny Huck isn't about the telly star's betrothal; it was written some time before the announcement and the timing of the release was coincidental. I am happy to issue this clarification.

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