Monday, May 24, 2010


Skipper write songs about girls, driving, playing records and the giddy excitement of first dates. They match their emotional tumult to – what else? – hook-laden powerpop chock-a-block with cooing female backing vocals, chugging bass and new wave melodic smarts. Their seven-track 10”, In Italy, is, like Knight School’s Revenger and Sourpatch’s Crushin’ albums earlier this year, the sort of good-time record you’ll have to play non-stop for a week.

There’s a great 7”, too, which features Hangin’ On The Telephone (not a cover, but the title gives you an idea of where they’re coming from); next up there’s an album on Douchemaster, which will see them share a label with spiritual bedfellows Stolen Hearts and Baby Shakes.

Can't See You Anymore mp3

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