Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Seeing as how The Clean have been the key influence on indie’s underground for the past few years, it’s ironic that The Wednesday Club have adapted the sleeve of The Clean’s Vehicle album for Katapult, but are apparently free from its sonic influence.

The Wednesday Club take on board a whole range of other things – their interests must surely span folk, electronica, indiepop (come on, Steven’s House wouldn’t exist without The Field Mice’s Emma’s House) and psychedelia at the very least. The scattergun approach is closest in intent to Guided By Voices; in spirit they’re next to The Chemistry Experiment; and my feeling is that they probably wouldn’t mind being The Beta Band, but at this stage they’re too enjoyably ramshackle for that.

There’s plenty of fun here – the “FUCK THE WORLD” refrain to Citalogasm, and the claim on Marks and Lines that “Lily Allen lost her cherry, somewhere in the cemetery”– although at 15 tracks there’s a little self-indulgence at play. No matter – there’s something in here for even the coldest heart, and at least 10 tracks for anyone who likes offbeat US indie made by a band from Leeds who are off their nut.

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