Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Sunshine/Pretty Girls

Unnatural Helpers say no to life and yes to the twin addictions of hard liquor and full-strength fags. Propelled by a bank of godless guitars and a cataclysmic riff that was forged in a volcanic eruption, Sunshine/Pretty Girls is an unholy death rattle that sacrifices wholesome pursuits on the altar of narcotic impulses.

Martyrdom, sardonic lyrics spat out, mocking harmonies and a stupidly simple guitar solo all in a shade under two minutes, Sunshine/Pretty Girls is the sound of the summer. If fields all over the world are ringing out with the anthemic “My lungs are killing me but I’m never gonna give it up/My liver useless as can be but I’m never gonna give it up/Because I don’t care about sunshine/pretty girls” this summer then you’ll know the festival bookers have made the right call.

Hardly Art are selling this single. Hats off to The Finest Kiss for writing it up in the first place.

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