Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Knight School - Revenger

No expense was spent on the recording of Knight School's second album, Revenger, which is scratchy, fuzzy, lo-fi fun packed full of tunes. Pretty much like last year’s The Poor and Needy Need To Party, only better.

They haven’t travelled far from their core influence of the TVPs' And Don’t The Kids Just Love It – the occasional touch of kindergarten psychedelia hints they may have expanded their listening to include the TVPs' Mummy Your Not Watching Me – but they play with such heart, pizzazz and infectious charm that you can’t help but be swept up in their melodic maelstrom.

Subject matter includes wizards, restraining orders and pizza, one song's called Meathead Hurricane, and lyrics like “Life’s been so hard since I’ve been in limbo/Life’s been so hard since mom was a bimbo” put Knight School right at the forefront of gleeful punk pop with Let’s Wrestle. Or as they quite rightly sing on Hope Everything Falls Into Place Before I Fall Into A Grave: “I say fuck off to those who want me to grow up”.


brogues said...

Been looking in shops for that lp but it's not as widely available as the Grass Widow one on Make A Mess. Boo!

PS Is the name of your blog taken from a line in this song:


(I heard it on Mark Radcliffe tonight)

Fire Escape said...

Piccadilly got it in a couple of weeks ago - it works out a lot cheaper getting it from there than from the label due to shipping (if only I'd have waited I could have saved some cash...).

Yes, that line in GTTNB has always struck a chord for some reason. Still, a fairly silly name for the blog, but I'm stuck with it now!