Sunday, March 21, 2010

Water Wolves

This new Scottish band have just two songs on their myspace and both are beauts. Country swing meets powerpop head on like the Lemonheads circa It’s A Shame About Ray, or Teenage Fanclub at the top of their game. Surely it can be only a matter of time before Captured Tracks open their chequebook to secure a recording deal.

In answer to “about Water Wolves” they’ve posted a picture of a highland cow and you know that they’re referencing James Kirk’s post-Orange Juice band Memphis, whose single, You Supply The Roses, hits the countrified jangle pop sweet spot just so.

Hats off to Brogues who’s booked them to support The Lodger at Mono on April 20. If I were anywhere near Glasgow, I’d be there like a shot.

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brogues said...

Thanks for the menchie! Glad you like 'em, sir. They're sooo good live! By chance I bumped into 2 of them after getting a short back and sides on Saturday. Sometimes Glasgow is like a village...