Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Lost Soul: The Saints

I don't know much about this outfit. This single was on Revue, MCA's soul subsidiary, but as Revue picked up singles from across the USA, your guess is as good as mine as to where Saints came from. Unless you know, in which case please tell...I know of one other single, I've Been Taken For A Ride, which you can find on the excellent Impressed! 24 groups inspired by the legendary Curtis Mayfield and The Impressions collection.

You might be familiar with Mirror Mirror On The Wall from Kent's Pure Soul compilation (and, seriously, if you don't have that album, hunt it down); the a-side, Come On, Let's Dance picks up the tempo for a quality slice of late-60s r&b. Cultural commentators might be interested to know that one of the dances they suggest the listener try is the moonwalk.

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Soulrocket said...

"Mirror Mirror" by the Saints is one of my all time favorite deep soul records. Amazing vocals; passionate, churchy, and intense. I don't know anything about them either but I'd like to find out. "I've Been Taken For a Ride" was big on the UK's Northern Soul scene and I've danced to it on many a packed dance-floor. Again, great vocals... and a bassline to die for.