Sunday, January 17, 2010

The Mountain Movers - The Day Calls Out For You

For their third album, The Day Calls Out For You, The Mountain Movers have stripped it right down. The sun-kissed pop and horn-driven soul of debut album We’ve Walked In Hell has been shown the door to reveal a bare-boned band that’s taken the ragged narcotic haze of their second outing, Let’s Open Up The Chest, and made it rougher, hazier and looser. And, yes, this time round The Mountain Movers have hit the bullseye again.

Campfire country and semi-conscious psychedelia swap notes with the same deceptively drowsy drawl of Neil Young’s Everybody Knows This Is Nowhere, and the sweetest slacker rock is fired by the sort of compulsive noise that J Mascis makes at the top of his game.

Recorded pretty much live to two-inch tape, The Day Calls Out For You has the rarefied air of an album that’s been excitedly uncovered by collectors after decades of obscurity. If you played it to those collectors, they’d be likely to believe it was such an artefact. With only 270 copies made, it’ll be changing hands for serious money among future collectors. And it’ll be worth every penny. Get yours today.

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