Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Let's Say We Did

Sweden’s Let’s Say We Did sound more American than anything else; the singer’s picked up a trick from J Mascis, the effortless tunefulness bears comparison to the Lemonheads back when they got it right, the tear-in-a-beer lyrics and countrified swing proves that the sun’s never set on Wilco’s Summerteeth, and all their songs have the solid power-pop groove that was patented and polished in the USA.

Follow Me Down from their forthcoming ep is being streamed on myspace; it was mixed by Kramer, who sat in the chair for Withered Hand’s magnificent Good News album this year. The record company says: “The EP will be released as a homemade CD-r in an edition of 200 copies. It will come with a handmade cover and each copy will be numbered. It will be able to pre-order it in December.”

If you can’t wait that long – and I couldn’t - their debut single released in the summer by This Almighty Pop, is still available and worth £2.50 of anyone’s money.

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