Friday, November 06, 2009

...and the horse you rode in on

If Scotland Yard Gospel Choir's first album, I Bet You Say That To All The Boys, was too in debt to Tigermilk to take much of it seriously, and their second, self-titled album plodded on occasion when it should’ve skipped all the time, their current album, …and the horse you rode in on, is much closer to a consistent realisation of their multi-instrumental gifts and pop flair.

Something’s Happening, for example, has the drunken country reels, melodic bass and lovelorn lyrics that The Bats do so well. The title track balances an angry guitar riff and parping horns, and the closing ballad, Well I Wouldn’t, is drop-dead gorgeous.

At fifteen songs, this record is too long, but it’s easily abridged by missing the first three songs (1 – an indulgent children’s choir; 2 – ersatz Morrissey; 3 – Pulp could sue for copyright infringement). It’s no all-out classic after that – there’s an uninspired Britpop echo to some songs – but when they hit their stride, the Scotland Yard Gospel Choir are really on fire.

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