Thursday, September 24, 2009

Real Estate album

Real Estate are following their fine singles with a self-titled album through Woodsist on November 17. A popular reference point for commentators has been Pavement, which I can sort of hear in their oblique melodies, although the demented jangle and rough-house riff of Green River is far more likely to be inspired by The Clean and, if that song’s title wasn’t clue enough, Creedence Clearwater Revival.

The intense spell Real Estate cast on their slower songs is straight out of the Galaxie 500 aesthetic, augmented by neat country licks or sun dazed psychedelia. Beach Comber exemplifies that effect suggesting no less a classic than Opal’s Empty Box Blues, which is great company to be keeping.

With that Beach Comber download and both sides of each single included on the album, only five of the album’s tracks are new. Hmmm.

1. Beach Comber
2. Pool Swimmers
3. Suburban Dogs
4. Black Lake
5. Atlantic City
6. Fake Blues
7. Green River
8. Suburban Beverage
9. Lets Rock The Beach
10. Snow Days


Chris said...

Is the similarity between 'Fake Blues' and 'Egyptian Reggae' the elephant in the 'Real Estate' no one wants to mention?

Fire Escape said...

I hadn't noticed it! The similarity isn't that strong now you mention it, although I hear where you're coming from...

Chris said...

No I guess not. I think it's just that my girlfriend makes some joke about it everytime she hears me play it.

Which is quite a lot. Because they're great. Which is, of course, the important thing.