Wednesday, September 16, 2009


Amida's ep If The Way Loves Two Suns shows a band with a rare knack for a sweet tune delivered ragged round the edges like those (very) old Television Personalities pop-punk nuggets.

These Are Golden Times suggests they’ve either got a few Creedence Clearwater Revival records in their collection or, perhaps more likely, they favour the sharply dramatic and delicately observed Go-Betweens songs of Robert Forster.

Their spirit of adventure sees them saddle up the horses for the countrified gem of You’ve Changed, Baby Girl, although this adventurism rather curiously leads them to explore the arrhythmic angularity of oddballs Jackdaw With Crowbar on the sub-minute quirky thrash of Beauty Fades. Still, this very enjoyable ep on Weepop makes this Manchester band one to watch.


wally said...

Have you heard their TVP cover yet - its amazing and hopefully to finally be released soon.

Fire Escape said...

I haven't heard it. Looking forward to it now.