Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Outta Sight

Adventures in Stereo were one of those rare bands that had a very distinct sonic aesthetic and ice-cool image (see also: Galaxie 500 and Kraftwerk). Uniquely for such a band, they created pop nuggets that just made it over the minute mark. Nothing that wasn't absolutely essential was used in the making of their songs.

An old mate excitedly emailed me Adventures in Stereo's performance of Outta Sight on Scottish TV show The Beat Room, saying it had made his day. It made mine, too; I reckon it'll make yours.

Word on the street is that Jim Beattie drinks a little too much, a litte too often. A shame if that's the case. I hope he gets back inside the studio soon.


Dave said...

The reason AIS don't release material anymore (and the reason Monomania sounded so different) is because Simon Dine created the music. Once he parted ways with Jim and Judith, his Noonday Underground music continued the music in a slightly more soulful direction, whilst also producing great stuff for Candie Payne and Paul Weller.

If you are really a sucker for the AIS sound though, check out Spring (AKA American Spring) which was Brian Wilson's wife's band in the early 70's. I only heard them this past year, and was shocked at how much the sound is the same.

Fire Escape said...

Thanks for the information, Dave. Noonday Underground sound great. I know the American Spring stuff well, so I see where you're coming from there; have a listen to Earthquake by The Fashionettes to hear a (coincidental, I'm sure) similarity to AIS's The Attic Walk.

Private somewhere said...

peut-être cela vous interessera-t-il :

à bientôt