Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Lost Soul: The Ladybirds

1964 girl group glee with the punch of Motown’s golden era gives The Ladybirds’ Handsome Boy the perfect pop-soul confection that, all things being right, would’ve seen it at number one for at least four weeks straight followed by a lifetime residency on the AM dial.

It didn’t work out like that, of course. In my hunt for this single, I saved some cash by picking up Philly Soul Girls which has 20 tracks every bit as good and a handful more even better, some of which feature the early songwriting marvels of Leon Huff and Cindy Scott, the latter of whom (everyone’s goddess of soul, surely) performs her own I’ve Got News.

If you’re heading over to funkadelphia to buy this CD, get some more of their fine output while you’re there. You must get a copy of Look In The Want Ads by The Emanons, which rigorous analysis – I want you to know that my testing was scientifically thorough to the point of exhaustion – has proven to be the twelfth best record ever made.

The first person to leave a comment saying Handsome Boy was written about them wins a World’s Biggest Liar mug.


Lisette said...

The handsome boy was written about them

Fire Escape said...

I see what you did there. As the owner of the World's Biggest Liar mug, I obviously lied, so will be keeping the mug in my trophy cabinet.