Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Crocodiles - Summer Of Hate

Where Crocodiles’ debut single, Neon Jesus, was an elemental punk thrash through Kraftwerk’s robotic hypnotics, their album, Summer Of Hate is a time-travelling trip through the 1980s.

This duo’s fuzzy, droning guitars – not to mention their Ray Bans and sulky stares – are straight out of the Mary Chain’s copybook; the reverb-drenched production is itself practically a period piece; and the throbbing electronics and uncomplicated riffs reek of the simple sonic experiments road-tested by post-punk adventurers and new romantic dreamers alike.

Song titles such as “Young Drugs”, “Soft Skull (In My Room)” and “Refuse Angels” hint at Crocodiles, like Wavves, being familiar with teenage rock rebellion’s hackneyed style; overall, though, they marshal enough substance to realise their simple techniques three-dimensionally.


Daniel Novakovic said...

Any links to where I can find the LP? I'ts not on their labels site nor on any of the usual online shops

FireEscape said...

I got mine from "Juno".

Daniel Novakovic said...

This was really good. Kinda lo-fi Spiritualizy at times

FireEscape said...

I was never a fan of Spiritualized's dirges, so the more indulgent fuzzed-out passages on Summer of Hate don't do much for me. A good album, but no classic.

DJ Mqt said...

This is "my music" and I tried to get it from Fat Possum but they wanted 20 USD shipping to Sweden so that was the end of it for me. They're coming to Sweden in July and promised to bring me a copy :-)
Hej Daniel!