Thursday, February 05, 2009

Tigermilk and sessions

This version of Tigermilk, with updated sleevenotes and two Mark Radcliffe radio sessions, has no proprietary information although the clever money’s on it being issued by Jeepster or Belle and Sebastian’s PR company following the success of If You’re Feeling Sinister to allow journalists, DJs and sundry media whores the opportunity to catch up on what they’d missed.

One of the Radcliffe sessions was released last year on the BBC Sessions album (you know, the double CD package where rather mysteriously a live recording from a gig one December was deemed better for the Christmas market than B+S’s Christmas Peel Sessions; still, next Christmas for that release, eh?). The other session wasn’t issued, so here goes:

Dog On Wheels

Just A Modern Rock Song

We Rule The School

Seeing Other People
Updated Tigermilk sleevenotes


Tim said...

I'm pretty sure this was just a good old-fashioned bootleg - certainly when I saw it, it was available through the usual bootleg channels, i.e. dodgy shops in markets and the like. But maybe you have some more reliable information?

FireEscape said...

I have no reliable information about this CD - I found it in a second-hand shop and am just speculating on its history. You're probably right about its bootleg provenance. Someone, I hope, will give us the definitive answer.

The Rocky Nest said...

I bought this at a record fair in about 97/98, always assumed it was produced by the band for friends/labels/press freebies when the tigermilk LPs had run out. The back cover text certainly suggests that might be the case.