Saturday, February 28, 2009

Kevin Rowland's Thunder Road

Kevin Rowland's 1999 return to the public eye involved, in part, an album of cover versions, My Beauty. His version of Springsteen's Thunder Road was pulled for legal reasons, so exists only on the promo.

Had wiser counsel prevailed, then perhaps the whole album would have been pulled. I doubt if this is a great rarity and wouldn't be surprised to learn that there are more promos than official copies; or, indeed, that the majority of the official copies are either occupying valuable landfill space in Milton Keynes or are used as research material by psychiatric students.

This post thoughtfully excluded a relevant photograph. Readers with long memories will, I am sure, thank me for sparing them further nightmares.


brogues said...

hahahaha...I remember seeing the poster for 'My Beauty' all over Glasgow. Everywhere I turned there was Rowland wheeching up his dress. Against, my better judgement I really enjoyed 'Thunder Road'. Of course, I don't know the original and maybe if I did I'd feel differently. The opening couple of minutes would have fitted snugly on The 6ths' "Hyacinths and Thistles". Great post...made me laugh!

FireEscape said...

I hope "wheeching" isn't Scots slang for something unsuitable in such a family-friendly blog as this...

brogues said...

heh heh...I refer you to Billy Connolly's seminal "Jobbie Wheecher" sketch. A classic of our time.

Anonymous said...


FireEscape said...

Steve, would you be happier if a donk was stuck on it? There's a remix waiting to happen.

The Look said...

Get over yourselves. And, while you're at it show us some photos of yourselves.

How do you shapeup?

While you're doing it attend to your misogyny and gender crisis middle-aged men.

Learn to love yourselves.

FireEscape said...

I shape up excellently, thank you. My limbs are like mighty pillars of oak, my torso scultped by powerful muscles and I have the looks that have bewitched an entire generation of women.

I am well below middle-age, since you ask, but will attend to this "gender crisis" you speak of after I have learnt to ignore the admiring glances of London's womenfolk.

Oh yes, that bit about learning to love myself. I think I'm ok with that, too.

Anonymous said...

"My Beauty" may have been an act of psychosis, but I'll defend it as a totally rivetting and -- I'm inclined to believe -- entirely honest one.
—Michael White

FireEscape said...

Michael - I'm not doubting the honesty of My Beauty; I differ with you on its rivetting quality.

The most important intention of this album was to get Rowland back into the studio and the first step to him recording new material.

This has been a partial success as Rowland has been recording original material, although I do wish the album of new recordings he recorded a few years ago would be released.

A mate has had the demos for years but guards them too jealously to give me a copy!

Anonymous said...

Your mate is a terrible, terrible nerd, FireEscape. Hoarding music for oneself, rather than sharing it with others to whom it would bring joy, is... well, it just blows, frankly.

I hadn't realized he'd completed an entire album of material -- just "It's OK Johanna," which is one of the most moving songs ever I've heard. I'd say it's shocking that no one has stepped up to release it yet, but given what the industry is like nowadays (and perhaps Rowland's unrealistic monetary expectations), I guess not so much.

FireEscape said...

He's not really a nerd, Michael. I'm sure his main concern is that I would upload them and then he'd get the shit for it from the management with whom he's mates.

I'm told that the unreleased material is great - the unanswered question is whether it's unreleased because no one wants to release it or because Rowland is unhappy with the work.

If the former, then perhaps the bombing of My Beauty has scared off record companies.