Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Songs About Girls

Here’s a manifesto for ya:

I never claimed to be no modern-day Romeo
But if you want my attention
There’s something you should know
I wanna hear songs about girls!
Tell me all about her eyes
Songs About Girls!
Tell me how it feels wrapped up in
her thighs
I don’t wanna hear about how you’ve been
Cheated by the world
I just wanna hear
Songs About Girls!
And that’s just the b-side. The a-side, Radio Transmitter, also shows that Memphis’s Perfect Fits are among the best of a glut of American bands currently revelling in the ecstasies of power pop’s simple riffs, snappily short guitar solos and close harmonies.

All Cried Out and Childish Ways on a split single are more– what else? - songs about girls written for car radios set to the AM dial. If you want your songs to chime with Teenage Fanclub’s melodic exuberance, The Paley Brothers’ bubblegum pop and The Undertones’ energetic buzz, you’ve come to the right place.

Twinkle VanWinkle, on the other side of the split, show their true colours with Ain’t Waistin’ Time, which has all the handclaps, apostrophes, heartache, sneering disdain and high school melodrama you could ever want from your power pop.

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