Monday, November 10, 2008

More Songs About Love And The Afterlife

Some time in the future, the monthly mags will get it and they’ll all run glowing retrospectives on The Mountain Movers, the band that released the best two albums of 2008.

I’m going to guess you were smart enough to pick up the horn-drenched melodic masterclass of We’ve Walked In Hell And There Is Life After Death earlier this year; act now and pick up one of only 300 copies of the follow-up, Let’s Open Up The Chest.

Mountain Movers' main man Dan Greene described this latest record to me as “a bit sloggier--- heavier, less horns, more guitars, and recorded old-fashioned on 2-inch tape---10 trax, 34 minutes.”

Or brilliantly messed-up symphonies, mixing playful pop with psychedelic rock, breathless vocals and spine-tingling atmospherics. Dan’s already “practicing to make a new record this winter that is more acoustic and strange with some different people”. I can’t wait to hear the results.

Go to Safety Meeting to get your copy of the new vinyl album, which comes with a CDR.


Anonymous said...

Excellent music and went to order both records Have you seen the postal rates to the UK. Outragious!!

FireEscape said...

Yeah, the UK postage cost more than the record...still, it was delivered within a week. And value for money, the quality of this record makes it a bargain...

Anonymous said...

yep, i ordered anyway. i think it was the initial option of over a $100 that scared me a little.
looking forward to it, thanks!!