Friday, November 21, 2008

Lost Soul: Calvin Arnold

Uxoriousness is a much-unexplored emotion in soul music, which makes Calvin Arnold's sermon on being under the thumb all the more powerful.

A super sweet piece of crossover soul with a gritty funk edge, Satisfy My Woman sees Arnold shrugging off his friends' advice and keeping on giving his woman all his money and all his love.

Lest anyone doubt Arnold's fine intentions to keep hold of his loved one, he promises to:
take her out on the town
Least three nights a week
I don’t want her sweating over a hot stove
So I take her out to eat
I bought her a brand new dishwasher
Cos I want to protect her hands
Automatic can opener open up a can

I dearly hope that kind of smooth talkin' worked its magic for Calvin Arnold in 1975. It's still working now.


Atall said...

I never took the time to buy my woman an automatic can opener and now she has rough hands and she's always mad at me. If only I had heard this song as a young man.

FireEscape said...

Just in time for Christmas - get the missus an electric tin opener and a copy of this record. Putting the magic back into relationships, that's my job.