Thursday, October 02, 2008

Northern Soul Podcasts

Northern Soul collector Jon Clay came to the Hangover Lounge recently armed with a box of 45s and played a few storming sets. Yes, he really did have You've Been Leading Me On by The Steinways on 7" (me: "Nice"; Jon: "Yeah, I had an argument with my girlfriend so I stormed off and shelled out £160 for The Steinways"; me:"That'll learn her"; Jon: "If I'd paid for it using her money, maybe, but I didn't"; me:"Oh").

You can download the podcasts here. And you can come to the Hangover Lounge every Sunday from 1-7pm at the Salmon and Compass, Chapel Market, Islington to hear the perfect music to calm your minds after a hard Saturday night's drinking, and stave off the dread of the week ahead.

Set 1
A pretty straightforward Northern set to get things going...!

Mamie Galore // It Ain't Necessary
Harold Melvin And The Blue Notes // Get Out (And Let Me Cry)
Eloise Laws // Love Factory
Curtis King // So Nice While It Lasted
The Voices Of East Harlem // Cashing In
The Vibrations // Cause You're Mine
The Tomangoes // I Really Love You
Don Varner // Tear Stained Face
Ace Spectrum // Don't Send Nobody Else
James Coit // Black Power
The Vibrating Vibrations // Surprise Party For Baby
Mary Wells // Can't You See (You're Losing Me)
Mickie Champion // What Good Am I
Dee Dee Sharp // Standing In The Need Of Love

Set 2
Something a bit different...

Betty La Vette // What Condition My Condition Is In
Pearl Woods // Sippin Sorrow
Earl Grant // Hide Nor Hair
Gail Anderson // My, My, My, What A Guy
Ben E. King // I Can't Break The News To Myself
Ike & Tina Turner // Dust My Broom
Spencer Wiggins // I'm A Poor Man's Son
Marke Jackson // I'll Never Forget You
The Constellations // I Don't Know About You
Connie Clarke // My Sugar Baby
Judy Clay // You Busted My Mind
Little Hank // Mister Bang Bang Man
Jimmy Delphs // Almost
Willie Harper // But I Couldn't
The Steinways // You've Been Leading Me On
Bo Diddley // Greatest Lover In The World
Little Richie // Just Another Heartache
Clyde McPhatter // Lonely People Can Afford To Cry
Lou Johnson // Unsatisfied
Candi Staton // How Can I Put Out The Flame
Roy Hamilton // Crackin' Up Over You

Set 3
Another pretty straightforward Northern set to finish things off!

Kim Tolliver // I Don't Know What Foot To Dance On
Gloria Jones // Tainted Love
Marv Johnson // Come On And Stop
Carole Waller // This Love Of Mind
Little Johnny Blair // Momma's Gone
Carl Carlton // So What
Roscoe Shelton // Wedding Cake
Johnny Sayles // I Can't Get Enough
Joy Lovejoy // In Orbit


ally. said...

i'll never get used to the bafflement at big northern sets. no matter how many records i hear there's always ten billion i've not a clue about.

i think we're coming to your do later too


FireEscape said...

Despite the torrential rain, we're expecting a good turn out today. Come and say hello.

ally. said...

so we got stuck again but next week or soon really. i'm quite disgusted with myself for taking so long