Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lost Soul: Love Slipped Through My Fingers

There are two superb versions of Love Slipped Through My Fingers, both produced by Johnny Brantley and neither getting the exposure they deserve.

The Ohio Players' version, released on their 16 Greatest Hits album in 1976, 8 years after it had been recorded, just edges it for me over Sam Williams' take, which never made it past the promo stage originally, partly because the busier arrangement reinterprets the deep soul template with punchy horns, funky percussion and an uptempo riff.

What really clinches it, though, is Towanda Barnes’ vocal, which strains to the point of breakdown. Stirringly effective like Linda Jones, achingly forlorn like Martha Reeves, desperately intense like Shara Nelson and crushingly heartbroken like Roddie Joy, Love Slipped Through My Fingers will haunt you.

NB – someone bootlegged this song 4 years ago, labelling it by Towanda Barnes. It’s the same version as The Ohio Players; you can find it easily on ebay, although as it never goes for less than £20 it’s a bit much for a boot.

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