Thursday, September 11, 2008

Lost Soul: Donnie Burkes

“LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! DONNIE BURKES!” Oh yes indeed. Satisfaction Guaranteed is club soul at its very finest. You can picture the cocktails, the loosened neckties and the cigarette smoke in this panting club classic from 1965.

Mr Burkes’ audacious delivery and the cooing girlie backing vocals that underscore his confident claims suggest he’s a bit of a fanfaronade. I am, though, struggling to decode all of the lyrics. When he sings
Baby I will make you feel so fine
Now you may have had some other love
But it wasn’t mine
I can do the most impossible feats
Make you feel so high
Cos my love’s so deep
I wonder just what it is he’s promising. I think there might be a hidden message that I'm not grasping.

Perhaps someone wiser and worldlier than I can point me in the right direction...


jerv said...

I think he's claiming his cock is big

FireEscape said...

Thanks, Dr John. I knew your PhD in Medieval Lyrical Love would one day be of use in a more contemporary application.

Rob said...

top choon!