Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Douglas Armour

If you were smart enough last year to buy Douglas Armour's debut single, Prince Of Wands, a bewitchingly bright jangle pop song that managed to be shimmering and enigmatic as well, you might be surprised by his album, The Light Of The Golden Day, The Arms Of The Night.

That surprise will become a pleasant revelation after a few plays, however, because Armour proves himself to have a quiet mastery of majestic electronic iciness and subtly alluring guitars that suggest a kinship with Magnetic Fields, New Order and Postal Service, as well as any number of 80s chart pop tunes.

This album’s deftly crafted electronic pop radiates a confident glow; all that’s needed to take it into your hearts is a few plays. If Armour gets featured on a film soundtrack like The Shins, with whom his music shares a particular pop nous, then we will, thankfully, be hearing a lot more from him.

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