Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Edwyn Collins at the 12 Bar Club

Photo by John Jervis

Edwyn Collins played a secret show at London's tiny 12 Bar Club last night. He was sat on the stage, flanked by Roddy Frame and Andy Hackett, and did an intimate and utterly lovely set:

Falling and Laughing
Home Again
What Presence!?
Make Me Feel Again
One Track Mind
A Girl Like You

There may have been one more song, possibly Running Away With Myself, but it was the refreshing beer I had to keep drinking in that hot evening air that broke my memory.

During the gig, Roddy pointed out that three blokes sat on a stage "was against everything Postcard stood for. It's folk music. We're old and grey...".
"And in your way," Andy Hackett chimed in. Much laughter was had.

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ally. said...

you lucky blighter. i never seem to know about nuffink