Monday, July 28, 2008

12 Fucks and 1 Lollipop

That was the best, most succint, review of Indietracks I read. Given that it was texted to me on Saturday morning, I fully expect that the author improved upon this total. I would ask for an update, but I imagine that the scribe is enjoying some much-needed rest.

If this blog is to be a reliable organ of historical record, I should probably point out that there was some exaggeration in the reviewer's claim. He doesn't eat lollipops.

If there are any better reviews of Indietracks, please let me know.


Anonymous said...

you may also like to add that bob shrag has a hitherto untapped skill with a kazoo, airport girl can make people cry when they play "...foolishness...", darren hayman's dog, beulah, is excellent company, a festival with soo many exciting and excited people makes it very difficult to go to the toilet, eating is largely unnecessary, the 24 hour bar on the campsite was drunk dry at 4 on sunday morning, but thankfully there was a new supply for breakfast 4 hours later, there is a band called the cider spiders (they didn't play), you don't need actual band members for a band to put on a reasonable show, and we never did find out why alice is hubley...

FireEscape said...

That Comet Gain put on a reasonable show is inevitable: the fewer actual members of Comet Gain who turn up for their gigs, the better they tend to be. Ideally, no one from the band would ever turn up and on one else would bother trying to play their songs.

Who cried at Foolishness? Was it Ric Menck mourning his guitar solo from Sunflower?

John, you've always thought eating is unnecessary; in fact, "eating's cheating and snacking's slacking" is your drinking mantra, I understand.