Monday, June 09, 2008


In the three years since their intriguing, promising debut ep, Seeds of Hopelessness, Leeds’s Downdime have tightened up their act.

New single, Hate The Morning, sees Downdime swap Super Furries’ wayward keyboard whimsy for Rocketship’s frantic pop and marshal their psychedelic tendencies with some of that deliciously direct and brutal guitar strumming that the Wedding Present did so well 20 or more years ago.

Their excitably rampant turmoil suggests they might have listened to the odd Flaming Lips record in the past three years. On the strength of this second single, which you could file quite happily next to your Pains Of Being Pure At Heart ep, their third release had better come quickly.

On myspace they say, accurately enough, that they play “frantic, loud, reckless, shambolic, catchy, fast, chaotic, moody indie pop”.


Trev Lostmusic said...

Oooh, I must pick this up.

FireEscape said...

I knew it'd be right up your street!

richpassivity said...

This sounds good - just ordered it from Norman Records.