Sunday, May 18, 2008

Wee Cherubs demos

Someone describing himself as oldcherub, who I suspect is Martin Cotter, emailed to say of The Wee Cherubs:
Even rarer demos DO exist and I have them. I will post them infrequently as videos on Youtube. Starting TODAY!

That start is Poor Little Lost Soul:
Recorded before the 'Dreaming' single, one of four tracks on the 'Rainforest' demo which was recorded in Park Lane Studios in Glasgow South Side. I have no idea what this song is about. The video is a collection of various free source materials to keep you entertained which you listen.

I hope you enjoy it. And is that a young Tommy Cherry on the merry go round at 0:58-0:59? Why, I think it is.

The same song uploaded by Oldfinger, comes with this explanation:
In the early 1980's I played in a non-influential Indie band in Glasgow, called Wee Cherubs. I was privileged to play alongside Christine Gibson (bass) and Graham Adam (drumbs). This is an unreleased demo which I think was one of the first songs we ever recorded (at Park Lane Studios, Glasgow). I have no idea what this song is about, which is surprising, since I wrote it. But then, the 1980's were my 1960's ;)...I put together a collage of various clips for your viewing enjoyment while you listen to this reverb-y thing.

I suspect that Oldcherub and Oldfinger have never been seen in the same photo together.


Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting the link.
Great tune, actually prefer this to Dreaming!
It would be fantastic if these demo's get released in a format which we could buy.


FireEscape said...

I know that Chuck at hyped2death was planning to release them. Perhaps he or Martin can shed some light on the progress with that release.