Friday, May 30, 2008

Lost Soul: Joe Buckman

The third in a series of soul classics that have fallen through the floorboards

The urgency and supplication in Right Now are so suggestive, so intimate, that you know when Buckman beseeches his muse to “not put off today what tomorrow may never bring” because “if we don’t find out now, we may never know” that only the most cold-blooded and passionless woman would deny him his dream.

Buckman’s steamy, torrid vocal is exquisitely paced; undoubtedly Funk Brother Jack Ashford’s arrangement helped pitch this romantic torment just-so. Other than the b-side, I know of no other Joe Buckman tracks. Maybe in a vault somewhere in Detroit there are some unreleased recordings. Given the strength of this single, they really would be worth excavating…

Where can you hear more of this fantastic music? Why, The Hangover Lounge. Yes, that's The Hangover Lounge on a Sunday at the Salmon + Compass.


Simon said...

Again, another one I've never heard. A bit more typically Northern than the last couple you've posted. Love the falsetto toward the end. Thanks again!

If these are typical of the tunes you're playing on a Sunday I might have to drop in; I'm only up the road.

FireEscape said...

Sunday is a wide range of music, a part of which is old soul; all parts of the music selection sound good when you're hungover.
Glad you're liking the soul posts. There are more to come.