Thursday, November 01, 2007

The Raw Herbs video

The Raw Herbs - was there a band who better combined country music's heartbreak with indiepop's introspection (clue: no)?
Was there a band more unjustifiably overlooked (probably, but, for fuck's sake, this lot really did deserve front pages and number one hits)?
Should there be a career-spanning compilation(fuck yeah! The unreleased stuff is amazing, too)?
Do you want to see the video for Don't Bury Me Yet? I know Ally does ("I hope there's some film somewhere because you really have to see Derek's hips wiggle as he sings").
Does singer Derek Parker look like the young Edwyn Collins (uncannily so, yes)?

Andrew Wake, head honcho of that finest of (sadly now defunct) record labels, Medium Cool, sent over a link to the Don't Bury Me Yet video. You know what to do.


brogues said...

Nice lip curl early on! I saw their records recently and wondered if I should buy 'em ... now I wish I had ... bums ... hope they're still in said shop...

ally. said...

marvelously rubbish video for one of my all time favourites of all time

FireEscape said...

Brogues, I can make you a CD of The Raw Herbs' greatest hits (and the Horse Latitudes album) if the records have been sold.

brogues said...

Oooh...a cd-r would be much appreciated as I'm on me hols and won't be able to make it to Edinburgh for a few weeks so they'll probably be gone. Cheers guv!