Tuesday, October 16, 2007

The Candees Hot Hits (part two)

Right, viewers. Those of you who are interested in mid-80s mod pop girl group (non) sensations The Candees may remember that I wrote about them in April and offered to post their songs from the Hot Hits compilation if there was interest.
There was, and I posted them in August.
I still get people asking, so here they are again, only not ysi-format, so they'll stick around a bit longer.
The Heart Parade
Little Miss Rainbow

To the people who write in asking me to post the Episode Four songs, after I offered to post the ep one weekend in January(!), you are far, far too late (about ten months) for that one.

The good news is that other people got the songs from me and have posted them on the world wide web, so seek and ye shall find.

This case is closed!

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The Boy and the Cloud said...

thanks! these sound even better than the candyfloss lp.