Monday, September 10, 2007


“Do you remember how the things look when you were young?”

If you thought you were getting left behind because all your mates are liking weird leftfield Icelandic music, betraying a youth of too many bloody 4AD records, when all you want is some great pop music, Seabear have come to the rescue.

This Icelandic seven-piece’s debut album, The Ghost That Carried Us Away, is simply magical. Taking a childlike approach – all wide-eyed wonderment and unbounded joy - at the simple pleasures and glories of pop music, Seabear look towards the sunny pop of The Lucksmiths, the kooky orchestration of Grab Grab The Haddock and folk music’s fairy tales for a giddy, impish trip down pop music’s bewitching, enchanting byroads.

They have songs called Good Morning Scarecrow, Cat Piano, Owl Waltz and Summer Bird Diamond. You’ll love this band.

If you want more Icelandic pop, Benni Hemm Hemm’s bolder approach – you just know they’ve been living that Athens, Georgia sound for years – is very seductive (although, note to fellow monolingual dolts, most of the lyrics are Icelandic) and you should go hunt them down when you have a minute.

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