Monday, August 13, 2007

Ice Cream Man

The sun continues to shine; before I’m called upon by desperate farmers in Australia to summon rain to their crops or Inuits beg me to visit greater cold on their thawing plains through the power of song, my meteorological magic touch offers you this week’s summer song: Ice Cream Man by Clover.

A great piece of UK psych-pop from 1967 complete with a children’s choir, this whimsical outing is a mixture of pure innocence and drug-addled mayhem, and as a result is quite magnificent.

You can imagine the streets of Cambridge ringing out to this song while Syd Barrett, during his wilderness years, drove an ice cream van touting for trade. Well, it’s a nice thought, at least.


Rob said...

Tune. Nice one, FET

Bruce said...

My brother was man with a van selling ice cream for a while, even in a hot climate he didn't make enough to pay the rent, groceries, etc. It was nice to have cash every day, but it just wasn't enough, and he worked 10 hours a day at it, besides.