Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Cause Co-Motion!

This band is a glorious reminder of days when bands formed some time before guitar practice was over. Revelling in the skittishness of early Orange Juice, the broken-hearted numbness of The Modern Lovers, the slapdash pop-art pop of the TVPs and the simple 60s-tunes and punk-energy worshipping of those early Razorcuts sides, the Cause Co-Motion! make their pop loudly, brightly and irresistibly. And it’s magnificent.

They say that they’re “trying to steal favorite parts of songs and bands based on remembrances, realizing later they're not at all alike, and sticking with the remembrances” and I fancy This Time Next Year tips its hat slyly at one of The Kinks’ great (overlooked) songs This Time Tomorrow.

They’re chaotic and ramshackle and restlessly lively and you keep expecting it to collapse, but it never does. Apparently, their gigs are over in 20 minutes and if they can recreate on stage the animation, vim and vitality that they harness on record, you can bet they're a riot

You can hear music at their website or their myspace (or, you know, buy their records).


martijn said...

I love that first sentence. :)

I thought they sounded like Beat Happening very much too. But perhaps that's how the second sentence can be summarised. Oh, and they're really good, yeah.

Fire Escape said...

Yeah, I can hear that BH thrum in there too. I hope they make it to London for a gig.