Wednesday, July 18, 2007

King Creosote is back!

The King is back! Yes, there’s a new King Creosote album, Bombshell, due for release on September 10th. This is very exciting news, given that it’s been two whole years since KC Rules OK, which, as I’m sure you all know, was pretty fucking amazing.

The King knows we can’t wait that long, so has posted a taster, You’ve No Clue Do You, on his corner of myspace. What a gent! He’s also posted the lyrics on his blog, so everyone south of Fife can understand them or, even, sing along. Thoughtful!

You've no clue do you

As with all your rules of thumb
This one comes with an index
There's few good moves in there for some
That even you've avoided
With no small success
You've no clue do you
Library lead pipe p..p..professor plum
That's yet another wrong guess
Watch real close where others mark their cross
Might that peak the interest
Of a cheat, of a liar, of a scumbag
That's that off my chest
You've no clue do you
Take a test but you've ...
Hazard a guess but you've ...
Take a test but you've ...
Haphazard a guess but you've ...
Colonel mustard is a seed sower and a ham
Mrs peacock is a ready feather in his cap
Mrs white is doe-scared in his flower-like hands
Miss scarlet is embarrassed to have ruddy been had
Even queen reverend green is envious of this cad
Pro-plum pro-plus pro damson is distraught
Doctor black's dead pan humour is intact.

Finally, some words of wisdom from the man himself that he originally uttered to Channel 4.

Have you ever been scared and/or excited by a horse?
God I’m terrified of them. I tried to overcome my fear of horses on this farm, and this big bugger just came and stood on my foot. That was it. I won’t go near them now. Someone said: “They sense your fear, you know,” and I was just like, “So they’re taking the piss, aren’t they?” Don’t like them at all. Sarcastic bastards.

Which body part could you happily live without?
Actually, all those gangly bits down below, they’re a bit weird. Not yet, but once I get to a certain age and my mind’s given up on them, I reckon it’d be ok to just look like an Action Man down there. Not now, though.

You make lots of music don’t you?
I suppose so, but why not? I’ve done about thirty albums now. They’re not highly produced, they’re just done at home, but still they’re all songs I’ve written. People seem to think that’s mental, but sod it, I had a job for most of that time, it’s not like I was putting loads of effort in - it just happened that one night a week I’d sit down and write a song. Easy peasy. I don’t have a TV, see.

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