Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Robert Forster hits the road

Seminal Australian musician, singer and songwriter Robert Forster takes a deeply personal journey through his solo recording career of the 90s.

Over three consecutive evenings Robert will reunite the original recording artists to perform three of his solo albums in their entirety.

In what promises to be a landmark event he will complete the four ages of Robert Forster performing a selection of The Go-Betweens songs.

Wed 25 July - DANGER IN THE PAST (1990)

Robert Forster
Mick Harvey
Thomas Wydler


Robert Forster
Glen Thompson
Dave McCormack
John Bone

Fri 27 July - WARM NIGHTS (1996)

Robert Forster
Adele Pickvance
Glen Thompson

Sat 28 July - GO- BETWEENS (2000-2005)

Robert Forster
Adele Pickvance
Glen Thompson

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I have mixed feelings about this last show. I remember Forster saying in the immediate aftermath of Grant's death that The Go-Betweens were over, but the last night does seem, with the inclusion of the other two Go-Betweens from the final two albums, somewhat close to a reformation.

Much as I have been enjoying Forster's journalism for The Monthly magazine, I would like to see him writing some new songs. Perhaps this is a warm-up for some new solo action. I certainly hope it's not - and I don't think it is - a warm-up for a "new" Go-Betweens travelling circus.

If that happened - well, then there would surely be some particularly vocal demonstrations for the band to be called The Australian Go-Betweens (as Lindy apocraphally insisted when Robert and Grant restarted the band for Rachel Worth).

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ally. said...

at the fisrt gobetweens reunion show at the forum way back a pal brilliantly observed 'i bet there's not a baby sitter to be had in north london tonight'. i promised myself i'd never go to another reunion. i've broken it a few times and always wished i hadn't.
i hope it's just a one off to say goodbye gobetweens.