Friday, March 16, 2007

Paul Chastain - the very beginning

Before Velvet Crush, before The Springfields, before Bag-o-Shells - in fact, before anything at all, Paul Chastain debuted with the Nines.

They made one 7" ep in 1983, Like A Top, which is impossibly rare. I don't suppose it's on the internet (I don't know where to look; I've never downloaded a song in my life), so seeing as news of a reissue seems never to be on the agenda, I may as well post it for the consumption of fans of great pop songs everywhere.

The lead track Worst Comes To Worst and a b-side,Now & Then are by Chastain; the other b-side, Too Late (to change your mind) is by guitarist Doug Montgomery, and mighty fine that track is, too. If anyone knows whether Mr Montgomery released any other songs, do let me know. Thanks.
NB These songs are only up for a week. Hey, I don't make the rules.


Steve said...

Great song, are you meant to be able to download all three as all the links take you to the first song!

FireEscape said...

Shit! Yes, you supposed to be able to download all three. I'll repost the b-sides sometime between breakfast and going to the Rota gig.