Tuesday, November 14, 2006

7" singles for sale

A mate of mine, who runs the fine and reputable Beats Workin' record shop just off Brick Lane in east London, has come into a collection of 7" singles that people who read this blog would probably have an interest in.

All records are in at least excellent condition. Contact details (don't contact me - I'm not selling them) are at the foot of this entry. Mike, the record shop man, takes paypal, UK cheques and hard cash. Prices are in red.

Galaxie 500- Blue Thunder/Red Crayola - Hail (Rough Trade split artist promo) (8)

Gene- For The Dead/Childs Body (4)

Gene- Be my light, be my guide/I can't help myself - SP 294 (4)

The Chills- I'll only see you alone/Green eyed owl (this is the limited 7" that came with Creation's release of Kaleidoscope World album) (5)

Embrace- All you good people (5)

Bodines - God Bless/Paradise CRE O16 (test pressing) (6)

Jesus and Mary- You trip me up/Just out of reach NEG 13 (6)

Astro Chimp - Draggin/She's my summer girl (2)

Smash- Rest of my life/ Tidal Wave - popcor 009 (2)

The Smiths- Heaven knows (White label test) RT 156 (20)

The Stars of heaven- Clothes of pride/all about you - HWS 853 (2)

The June Brides- in the rain/sunday to saturday (6)

14 Iced bears- inside blue suit/cut (original Frank release in the candy-striped paper bag) (8)

The Chameleons- in shreds/nostalgia (3)

Magnetophone- and may you..../chance to... (2)

The grand opening- Dont drop off/so be it (2)

The lightning seeds- Pure/Fools - GTG4 (2)

Slaughter Joe- I'll follow you down/Napalm Girl - CRE 19 (6)

No-man - Clolours (2)

Mercury rev- If you want me to stay/the left handed... (6)

The jesus and marychain- Upside down/ vegetable man CRE012 (10)

The Chills- I love my leather jacket/the great escape COLD006 (5)

The Chills - Heavenly pop hit/ whole lot ... Slash 22 (2)

Soul Asylum- Tied to the tracks/long way home TTR 8560 (3)

Free Kitten- Guilty pleasures/John starks blues (3)

The Smiths- Panic/vicar in a tutu RT 193 (3)

The Smiths - Shakespears sister/What she said -RT 181 (3)

The Smiths - Shoplifters.../Half a person RT195 (3)

The Smiths - Bigmouth.../Money Changes Everything RT 192 (3)

The X-men- Spiral girl/ Bad girl - CRE 013 (7)

Echo and the Bunnymen- seven seas/all you need is love KOW 35 (2)

Children's Hour - Ya Ya Ya/washed away/stuck pig (pre-Headless Chickens on Flying Nun) (5)

The Woodentops- every day living/ why (2)

Johnathan fire eater- The public hanging of a movie star/the cakewalk... PCP028 (2)

Sticky Filth- At least rock 'n roll .... (5)

Morphine- Sexy christmas baby mine/ Cure for pain SOL-356-7 (2)

Blueboy - popkiss/chelsea guitar (3)

Trembling blue stars- doo-wop music/ now that thers nothing in the way (3)

Choo Choo Train- This perfect day/happy bicycle (7)

Miracle legion- Little drummer boy/Blue Christmas (5)

Pavement- Demolition plot J-7 (10)

The nation of Ulysses- The sound of jazz to come/presidents of vice (2)

The Field Mice - The Autumn Store Pt1 and Pt2 (Sarah 24 and 25) (6 each or 10 for both)

Felt - Penelope Tree Cherry 59 (9)

Wolf & cub- Thousand cuts/Spirals (3)

The Bodines- God Bless/Paradise (6)

Celebration- Diamonds/Ancient animals (2)

Mew- Apocolypso/Drown EVIL02 (2)

Mew - Special/like chaser (2)

The icicle works- Nirvana/lovehunt sirocco WORKS001 (4)

The Delgados- Monica webster/Brand new car (promo CHEM 001) (3)

Carter and jeffries- Knocked out or whereabouts/spark off a wire (2)

Phone: (11am - 7pm, Tues-Sun) 020 7729 8249
Email: mail@beatsworkinrecords
beats workin' records
93-95 sclater street
london e1 6hrt

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